Tuition and Fees

TUITION, of $10,500 may be paid in completion at the beginning of course. Student
loans at 10% are available; You may create your own payment plans, the cheapest
acceptable plan is $300 for 42 months. Payments must be received by the 5th of the
month or a $25 late fee will be applied. On the 10th of the month student will not be
allowed to attend until payment is made. If a student has made his/her payment
late 3 times over 6 months of course time the student may be asked to pay in full the
remaining balance of the tuition owed.

STUDENT FEES (500 Hour course)
• Tuition…………………………………$10,500
• Registration Fee ……………………$100
• Books and Supplies …………………$450

includes the following
• Anatomy Coloring Book, By Wynn Kaput/Lawrence Elson, 3rd edition, 2002 Copy right
• Malady’s Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, By Mark Beck, 2015 edition
• Malady’s Student Work Book, 
• Trigger Point Work Book, by Clair Davies, 2004 copy right
• Feet First a Guide to Reflexology, by Laura Norman, 1988 copy right
• Handout Book, Handouts for the year bound into a book.
• Muscle Flash Cards, By Bryan Edwards
Massage Flow Handout Books (These books are only available from the School)
• Swedish Massage Instructional Book, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
• Acutherapy Massage Book, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
• Deep Tissue Massage Instructional Book, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
• Neuromuscular massage, Infant, Chinese Medicine, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
• Sports massage, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
• Infant Massage, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
• Herb Recognition, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2006
• Stone Massage, Vicki Mitchell, Handbook 2004
Other Provided Supplies
• Massage Shirts (2)
• Holster with oil bottle

SUPPLIES Students must obtain and purchase
• Tablet for note taking
• Colored pencils package of 72
• 200 – 500 File cards that are blank on both sides to use for flash cards
• 3 Sets of Massage Table sheets