Did you know what brings most people to massage is pain, such as low back,
sciatic nerve, whiplash, carpal tunnel, or shoulder pain. Many people are new comers to
massage and are recommended by their doctors or chiropractors.

When you attend a pain and injury massage school, you are taught more modalities,
so you will have many tools at your disposal when you treat pain. This school provides
the functional portion of massage as you learn to put all your new found knowledge
together in treatment plans for your clients.

As we do massage (practical clinics) daily on the public you will work on clients
in pain, thereby seeing results daily how properly applied pain and injury works. You
will have 110-250 hours of actual hands on practical applications on clients. You
will learn how to build long-range treatments and short-range goals for each client. You
will find no matter how relaxing the massage your client wants, you will be able to feel
muscle tone and know what to do to correct its dysfunction. Most treatments can be done
during a relaxing massage without the client even knowing you are treating a muscle

Pain and injury massage will land you a job at any facility, chiropractic, physical
therapist, spa, salon, or owning your business. Most employers recognize the experience
in your hands as you massage them for your job interview. Pain and injury massage
therapists are chosen over other massage therapists due to their muscle knowledge,
skillfully applied techniques, and variety of massage modalities.

Pain and injury massage is a fun up beat class filled with new techniques, ideas,
muscle tricks and new procedures on a daily basis. Classes are small with lots of hands
on applications. Small classes means all questions are answered and explained in depth,
students have access to the instructor to pick her brain, and feel properly applied
techniques from her hands, so you will know for sure how it should feel.